Nettoyage en profondeur

Deep face cleansing is an essential skin care that can be applied to women, men but also during puberty.

The purpose and aim of the deep cleansing is to remove black spots, millet , excess sebum and in cases mature blisters.

The benefits of cleansing are a glowing, oxygenated and smooth complexion, free of excess dead keratinocytes.

After the cleansing , the absorption of the cosmetics products in our daily care is maximised. 

Deep cleansing can be combined with other treatments depending on the needs of our skin even in the same visit such as acne, anti-aging or whitening treatment.

Deep cleansing is performed from 1 to 4 times a year depending on the skin type and the needs of the complexion that appear in every season and lasts two hours.

During the procedure of deep cleansing a diagnosis of the skin, analysis of its needs and counseling for the right daily care with the corresponding cosmetics products take place.

After the cleansing, the instructions that must be followed are: 

1) The skin not to come in contact with water that day.  

2)No make up for 24 hours.

3) No sports activity for 24 hours.

4) A clean pillow case and a towel.

5) Attention to sun radiation and the use of sunscreen.

The procedure is as follows: 

1) Make up removing in all the face-neck-cleavage

2) Peeling (enzyme or mechanical fruit acids for removing dead cells)

3) Application of steam for 30΄ minutes (which opens the pores and softens the skin to be able to remove the sebum)

4) Massage on the face with special products so that the skin softens more and irritations are prevented.

5) Opening the skin with finger pressures.

6) Antisepsis with high frequency currents or other antiseptic products.

7) Application of a soothing and cleansing mask for 20 minutes (while waiting, massage is performed on the back ,neck, hands).

8) Moisturizing face, eye cream , sunscreen cream and finally sunscreen lip balm for the lips.  

The above procedure must be performed by a specialised beautician in order to avoid side effects and small injuries.