Application du Shiatsu au client

Shiatsu is one of the most eastern massages in which the person to whom it is perfomed doesn’t take off his clothes. And this is important because a big part of the population isn’t accustomed to the touch on naked skin.

The person who is massaged wears comfortable clothes which help the shiatsu practitioner perform the moves in harmony. 

The specific massage is included in the so-called bodywork massage, that is, the practitioner uses his body weight on the person to apply the different techniques.

The pressure must be vertical and with duration, pulling the limbs and the head is done with great caution and there is no rush at any stage.

Τhe  practitioner will start the so-called client’s diagnosis the moment he comes to his place. For example, the way he walks, the way he speaks and generally his body type give features that he will use in further treatment. The abdomen area,  Hara according to the Japanese is a map that shows us the condition of the body organs.

With pressures on the abdomen, we will understand which organ is empty from energy and with the pressure, we will tone and awaken it right where the client needs it.

The above feature is responsible for the wellness the clients feel after a shiatsu session. The shiatsu room also plays an important role with the candles, low lighting, freshener sticks, soft music making the sessions a unique experience. 

A feature that we must pay attention to is that the energy treatments many times awaken memories in our body and this is a sign that the technique had the effect it was supposed to.