Cellulite et son traitement

The highest percentage of women are troubled with the appearance of cellulite on their body.

The non right blood circulation in our body and the bad function of our lymphatic system leads to extravagant accumulation of fat in fat cells.

Cellulite is due to hormonal but also nutritional factors. Bad nutrition, smoking, alcohol but also the lack of exercise can contribute to its appearance, as well as hormonal disorders that women meet during their period, pregnancy , puberty, menopause and the underfunction of the thyroid gland.  Other causes are hereditary, intense stress, constipation and taking contraceptives. There are 4 cellulite stages  and they are divided as follows:

Stage 1 :While standing or lying the skin is smooth. When the skin is pressed, only folds appear and not dimples.

Stage 2: Lying, the skin is smooth but standing an image of orange peel is formed. 

Stage 3 : Cellulite is obvious in any position with or without pressure. 

Stage 4 : Cellulite is obvious in any position and shows nodules of cellulite and is persistent. 

The ways with which we can help the gradual reduction and elimination of cellulite are, to increase water consumption by two litres per day and at the same time reduce coffee, alcohol, sugar and salt. 

Also, it is good not to include a lot of fat and soft drinks in our daily diet.

Instead of the aforementioned forbidden substances, we can wisely include meals rich in vitamins and amino acids whose intake takes place only through vegetables, fruit and nuts.

Holistic doctors advise us our lunch to be eaten before 2 at noon and include a small quantity of raw food and half cooked.

Also, cardio exercise must be included in our daily programme for at least 3 times a week 30 to 40 minutes each time.

Other exercise systems such as yoga or  tai chi not only take away tension but also pave the way for inner search at a higher mental level.

Body aesthetics will help our effort in order to give a bigger, more qualitative and faster result.

Some basic body treatments to deal with cellulite are special cellulite massage with the hands, with specialised machinery such as LPG or suction cups, body mesotherapy with special fat burners and anti-cellulite preparations, thermo-blanket , the pressotherapy machine, electrotherapy etc. 

Discipline and self-restraint to temptations must be the main quality to achieve our goal.