La magie du toucher thérapeutique chez les nourrissons

It is known that the baby in the womb receives plentiful stimuli such as the mother’s body sounds, external sounds, the sense of touch of the womb that surrounds and supports him. The bond Mother ~ Baby is developed with touch, hearing, taste and smell.

Cuddling, kisses that parents will give him and looking at the child for a long time , will develop a connection with their baby and will strengthen his emotional and physical shaping.

Massage nowadays can be perfomed by professionals in beauty salons but amateurishly it can also be offered in the family environment.

For example, when we  bathe the baby we can massage all his body with light rubbing. 

We can also use a herbal oil such as almond oil. It would be good parents to massage each other in front of the child because he imprints it by seeing it.

Family massage entails a positive  interaction of the whole family with a common experience leading to improved communication.

We mustn’t forget the lessons learnt by nature where monkeys in the natural habitat of the jungle remove lice from each other for many hours a day and this helps in team spirit.

From evidence we take from international research it is ascertained that adults are more receptive to touch if they were massaged when they were babies. Being receptive, might push someone to other things such as the common feeling of love for the fellow man, communalism and solidarity. Fundamentals for the progress of human race.