Horloge chinoise

The Chinese clock and how each organ of the body functions more correctly if we follow its sequences.

It is known from the Chinese philosophy that our inner organs are divided in 5 subsections.

So we have the element of water, wood, fire, earth and last the element of metal. Each element represents two body organs. For example, the element of water has to do with the kidneys and the bladder. Our body is alive  due to the ki energy we receive from the sun through food, the second fuel for the organism is oxygen. We inhale oxygen daily and we exhale carbon dioxide. 

In addition, we also have the power of the jing kidneys that exists from our birth time and we consume it slowly because of tiredness. So what follows is the definition of ki energy that very descriptively we would say  that it is the overall direction of the body energy, the time it wants to perform a specific function.

Let the Chinese clock help us understand it. Let’s take for example the meridian of the stomach that in the clock it corresponds to 7 with 9 in the morning. So it is wise  during this time to eat something so that digestion takes place to the maximum extent. Also, during the small intestine period and temporally before two at noon it is good to eat the big main lunch meal. 

For a third example, we will take the element of water that in the map is the kidney organ during the afternoon  17:00 ~19:00.

We said that the element of water is connected to rest, feelings, fear etc. So the organism at 17:00 in the afternoon is right to rest and not make it do a hard physical labor. 

In conclusion, we mention that the Chinese clock has to do with the course of the sun too in the fixture of the earth, when it is high in the sky then many of the person’s functions rise and as it falls in the horizon, rest and sleep come. If we want longevity, we must move according to the principles that rule the universe and consequently our body.