Lignum Massage

What is Lignum massage and where does it come from? The meaning of the term Lignum comes from the Latin word “wood”. A Lignum massage is an alternative technique that comes from ancient Eastern civilisation.

It included the use of handmade wooden tools for massage and the treatment of different physical and mental diseases such as treatments for relieving pain as well as muscle and energy imbalance. Consequently, we can say that processing techniques with wood  existed a hundred years ago. 

The tools used had a rough design and it was difficult to be handled by the users because of their shape and the weight of the wood. Centuries later, that is at the end of the 20th century, after several years of studies , experts in the field of alternative treatments in Colombia brought a new life to this thousand year technique and created better, more suitable tools in terms of weight and  shape to secure a perfect technique. 

Lignum massage is now considered to be an holistic technique that can stimulate and balance energy, reduce stress levels and relieve muscle pain.

Its high nerve stimulation on the skin activates vital energy providing this way a deep sense of well-being. Industries such as the beauty sector and physiotherapy use lignum massage as one of the most effective techniques regarding beauty treatments. Indeed, it eliminates toxins, sculpts the body, reduces localized fat depositions, fights the flaws of cellulite, secures fat and firm tissues.

In addition, it is a drastic treatment that helps relieve the muscle tissue that is in pain. This technique is also useful for the person who performs the treatment as it reduces tiredness and the common issues that are mentioned by the users during the performance of a traditional massage.