Théorie chinoise

The five elements of the Chinese theory and matching organs to them.

In the Chinese philosophy, we know the yin-yang nature that exists in many versions such as white-black, up-down, good-bad, night-day.

Through the above model, the five elements were born as shown in the following diagram. We start in its base with the element of water that is related to night and rest. It offers us the feeling of survival, the feeling of fear and the impulse of childbearing. As an element, we also have two body organs that in this case are the kidneys and  the bladder.

The second element is that of wood and is related to morning, it inaugurates traffic, offers the programming ability, control and enforcement and also it has the possibility of anger. 

Just like a plant starts from the ground and rises to the sky, wood gives us vision. A person who is the element of wood will be able,  for example, to perceive which is the meaning of life more easily.  The organs that are related to this element are the liver and gall.

The element of fire follows, which has to do with midday and represents our personal identity. If we notice the map., fire is at the highest point but also a man’s head is high. Let’s imagine an angry person, we will see that the head turns red from anger and bad temper.

So we say that fire is high. In addition, we say that the mind is based on the head and the shen spirit man’s conscience.

In short, how perceptive he is. The organs related to fire are the heart and the small intestine. 

The element of Earth is related to afternoon, it bears the ability to concentrate on studying, analytical thought, meditation. People who are earth tend to have a round face, they are  generous and good listeners and they tend to worry. The organs related to earth is the stomach and spleen and just as the spleen brings the food to digestion like so through the energy of the spleen, we hear, study and absorb information.

Finally, the element of metal is related to evening and it  sets limits. Imagine a sharp metal when it rips the earth, it sets limits and says in its way “up to here”.

When something happens to us that is unfair and we do not talk , then the element of metal is weak. A basic limit in the body and the skin that sets us apart from the external world. Also, it is related to sorrow and a thought or a situation. The related organs are the lung and the colon and if we think well about it, the alternation of oxygen takes place in the lung and the dismissal of feces in the colon.